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2014 Award Winners




Mikala Armstead Self Determined

Dylan Pautz Self Determined

Maisie Stout Self Determined

Noah Westfall Birds

Holly Davis Canine Connection

Colby Kyer Creepy Crawlies

Jessica Runion Pet Pals

Erin Stanley Purrfect Pals

Aaron Williams Scratching the Surface

James Williams Scratching the Surface

Phillip Balis Scratching the Surface

Destiny Thomas Scratching the Surface

Cassidy Miller Testing Your Wings

Danielle Shreve Vet Science III

Jonathan White Wiggles & Wags

James Canterbury Crank It Up

Danielle Shreve Eco Adventures

Ben Smith Bicycling for Fun

Ashlyn Donohew Focus on Photography

Fiona Lane Follow the Path

Alex Kelly Hiking Trails

Donovan Wolfe Hiking Trails

Sydney Wyer Money Fundamentals

Bailey Landfried Tree ID

Ian Juniper Vegetable Gardening

Sam Cox This is 4-H

Carter Hall This is 4-H

Logan Casto This is 4-H

Samantha McClain Teen leader

Jacob Kay Teen leader

James Canterbury Reel in the Fun

Lucas Smith Take the Bait

Jesse Engle Making the Cut

Shelby Worl Measuring Up

Mary Beth Ritchie Keeping Fit

Savannah Douglas Staying Healthy

Katie Meeks Cake Decorating

Savannah Douglas Foodworks

Kaiden Wolfe Six Easy Bites 1st Yr.

Danielle Shreve Six Easy Bites 2nd Yr.

Lexi Knopp Tasty Tidbits 1st Yr.

Callan Banks Youre the Chef 1st Yr.

Cari Walker Youre the Chef 2nd Yr.



Travis Rawson Six Easy Bites

Brandon Richards Tree Identification

Symone Walker Tasty Tidbits & Self-Determined

Dharma Thomas Wiggles & Wags & Self-Determined

Holly Davis Canine Connection

Sarah Smith Wiggles & Wags

Dakota Williams Take the Bait

Mary Beth Ritchie Keeping Fit

Faythe Maston Teen Leaders

Jordan Boggess Take the Bait

Carter Taylor Six Easy Bites

James Canterbury Reel in the Fun

Kiersten Templin Self-Determined

Presley Fisher Self-Determined

Savannah Douglas Foodworks

Chloe Shinn Six Easy Bites & Focus on Photography

Carter Hall This is 4-H

Lexi Knopp Tasty Tidbits

Dakota Parsons Take the Bait

Samantha McClain Teen Leader

Jessica Runion Wiggles & Wags

Courtney Brown Take the Bait

Colby Kyer Creepy Crawlers & Take the Bait

Ian Juniper Vegetable Gardening

Rhianna Carpenter Head, Heart & Hooves

Joely Good Self-Determined

Cheyanne Thomas Wiggles and Wags & Self-Determined

Allie Showen This is 4-H

Clayton Ross Take the Bait

Dakota Williams This is 4-H

Wyatt Boggess This is 4-H & Take the Bait

Tanner Ross Take the Bait Maisie Stout Self-Determined

Danielle Shreve Vet Science III

Dylan Pautz Self-Determined

Josh Ritchie Reel in the Fun

Brett Parsons Take the Bait & Tree Identification

Ryley Parsons Focus on Photography

Whitney Pifer Canine Connection

Fiona Lane Follow the Path

Nick Milhoan Take the Bait

Brittani Harrison Horse V Jump Into New Heights & Self-Determined Garrett Delong This is 4-H Colby Ferrell This is 4-H

Mikala Armstead Self-Determined

Carly Anderson Six Easy Bites

Kierra Casto Measuring Up

Jamie Cambron Measuring Up


Sr. Beef Showman Max McCoy

Sr. Reserve Beef Travis Rawson

Int. Beef Showman Lexi Knopp

Int. Reserve Beef Carter Taylor

Jr. Beef Showman Bailey Sayre

Jr. Reserve Beef Jadon McFarland

Sr. Lamb Showman Colin Cummings

Sr. Reserve Lamb Travis Rawson

Int. Lamb Showman Lexi Knopp

Int. Reserve Lamb Brianna Haga

Jr. Lamb Showman Kiera Casto

Jr. Reserve Lamb Isabella Sayre

Sr. Swine Showman Drew Harpold

Sr. Reserve Swine Mikayla Pursley

Int. Swine Showman Emma Rae Hartley

Int. Reserve Swine Jaydon Philyaw

Jr. Swine Showman Autumn Hartley

Jr. Reserve Swine Tori Fisher

Sr. Goat Showman Tara Waller

Sr. Reserve Goat Katilyn Thomas

Int. Goat Showman Tanner Ross

Int. Reserve Goat Dakota Parsons

Jr. Goat Showman Carter Hall

Jr. Reserve Goat Julia Roush

Sr. Rabbit Showman Faythe Maston

Sr. Reserve Rabbit Annie Garnes

Int. Rabbit Showman Emma Jenkins

Int. Reserve Rabbit Jed Durst

Jr. Rabbit Showman Carly Anderson

Jr. Reserve Rabbit Symone Walker

2014 Supreme Showman Tara Waller

2014 Premier Exhibitor Max McCoy


Sarah Williams - WVU

Ashley Shamblin - WVU - Parkersburg





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Jackson County, WV Jr. Fair